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The One-Stop Service Is Provided to Bring Your Brand Going Global.


KOC/KOL Cooperation

GMT+8 has over 100 contracted or cooperated influencers on the mainstream social media platforms. Our Key Opinion Customer (KOC) and Key Opinion Leader (KOL) from different channels specialize in different ‘topics’: food, makeup, talent, fashion, lifestyle, fitness and sports, consumer products evaluation…

With the analysis of the characteristics of the products, and the KOC/KOL cooperation, our service covers but not limited to:

·       Advertisement placement (videos, texts)

·       Live sales

·       …


GMT+8 integrates global social media platforms as tools, such as Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, LINE, WeChat, SINA Weibo, RED etc. We are able to connect your brands and products with your targeted audience (niche)/ all users (mass) through social media platforms, in order to delivery messages effectively and efficiently.

You can enjoy the following service:

  • Tailored marketing campaign.

  • Create your brand’s social media page, operated and maintained by our team.

  • Creative content designed for your products.

  • Offline IP events campaign

  • (NEW) Sell your products live!


Marketing on Global Market

Marketing in China

GMT+8 has a sister company based in China. The company a mature MCN company in the China market which is managing many mainstream social media accounts with billions of followers and is very experienced in holding offline events and functions. Our sister company has over 100 contracted influencers on each platform they specialize (Douyin, RED and SINA Weibo etc.).

You can enjoy the following service under a fusion perspective of Australian and Chinese culture:

  • Localized marketing campaign.

  • Chinese social media platform page creation, operation and maintenance.

  • Creative content suitable for Chinese audience.

  • Sell your products live.  

  • Advertising.

  • Offline IP events campaign


Official Social Media Operation

GMT+8 team is experienced with various global social media platforms. Our intention is helping businesses developing their own social media accounts in their targeted markets.

GMT+8 will play a role as a TP company to help you operate your official social media account, include but not limited:

  • Tik Tok

  • Douyin

  • Instagram

  • Facebook Public Page

  • Line

  • WeChat Public Platform

  • Sina Weibo

  • Red



Marketing consultation

From our consulting service, you could understand:

  • In which market segmentation, your brands and products could be more competitive.

  • A detailed analysis for your brands and products in the markets of different countries.

  • The most suitable marketing strategies for your brands and products.

  • The most suitable social media marketing channel for your brands and products.


Join our KOC/KOL Trainee Program!

Contact us if you desire to be a ‘Star’ in the future. We are glad to assist you make your dream come true.